Corporate  Programming

Programs designed for social impact and corporate marketing aren’t one-size-fits-all services. With decades of experience as a black executive in corporate America, Rhonda knows what it takes to create corporate programming that’s impactful, engaging, relevant, and successful. She makes an extra effort to learn the ins and outs of your business including your story, goals, and branding in order to create corporate programming individualized to meet the unique needs of your company effectively.


Social Impact Programs

Now more than ever, consumers are choosing to support companies that champion social issues aligning with their own. Learn how your company can implement powerful initiatives to drive social change.

Social Justice Programs

Center your company’s social focus on the measurable, lived experiences of groups disadvantaged or harmed by society. These social justice programs help to create a positive impact for the groups they offer support.

Community Outreach

Target a defined group of people with programs featuring communications and actions tailored to your company’s goals. This includes education and directly engaging with your target audience.



Count on Rhonda’s seasoned expertise to advise about increasing your organization’s corporate social responsibility.

Report Writing

Whether the reader is a customer, investor or prospective employee, Rhonda will help document your initiatives and how you’re improving your community and the world.


Addressing CSR scorecards is an integral part of effectively aligning employee and consumer values with your corporate strategy to generate long-term benefits.

Diversity Marketing Material

Rhonda can create marketing material specially designed to highlight your CSR initiatives for publication inside and outside of your organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

CSR embraces opportunities and manages risks from economic, environmental and social developments involving many corporate concerns, including reputation, transparency, social impact, ethical sourcing, reputation, transparency, profitability and civil society. Rhonda Mims can help your company with these and other CSR initiatives.

What is CSR

Corporate social responsibility is a self-regulated practice that encourages contributions to society by supporting ethical and volunteer practices. Included are the following initiatives:  

  • Charitable
  • Philanthropic
  • Activist

Importance of CSR 

Consumers, suppliers and other partners want to support companies they trust and respect. Each company should adopt relevant corporate social responsibility initiatives if they want to foster company growth now and in the future.


Rhonda Mims is the quintessence of professionalism. Soft spoken, yet intensely intellectual her commitment to doing the right thing is her best quality. To be in her presence is time well spent.

Samuel D. Bryant

BlackLight Strategic Partners

I’ve worked closely with Rhonda several times over the years, most recently in her capacity as President and CEO of ING Foundation. Rhonda is intelligent, focused and determined with a passion and drive that motivates everyone around her. She has an exceptional ability to understand intricate details of complicated issues while still seeing the big picture and an uncanny knack of quickly sizing up a situation and developing a well thought out solution that balances the interests of all concerned stakeholders. Rhonda’s biggest asset is, perhaps, the ease with which she connects with people at all levels which makes her a very effective leader.

Timothy Brown

Venerable Holdings


If you’re interested in receiving corporate programming, feel free to contact Rhonda Mims. With decades of experience as a C-suite executive, she can help increase your business’s social responsibility, corporate communications and brand exposure. She looks forward to hearing from you.