Rhonda Mims has years of experience as a leading C-level executive, discovering what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to executive management. She has special insights into the challenges, obstacles, and pain points professionals face on a daily basis. She can also help corporations clarify goals, overcome challenges, implement solutions, and reach new levels of success. Rhonda’s decades as a black executive in corporate America puts her in a unique position to consult with organizations regarding social responsibility and diversification, as well.

Who I Work With

Corporate Leaders

When you’re at the helm of a business, you’re facing unique challenges, obstacles, and stresses on a daily basis. Sometimes, it can feel isolating as you have no peers to brainstorm, plan, or simply chat with. Having worked with some of the most successful leaders in the country, Rhonda Mims knows exactly how corporate heads feel.


Whether you’ve been an executive for decades or you’ve recently been promoted, it’s an ongoing challenge to lead your team effectively. Rhonda Mims has first-hand experience guiding employees through tough transitions, bouts of stagnation, and periods of growth. She can help give executives insights and strategies for leading more effectively.

Young Professionals

There’s nothing more daunting than entering into the corporate world fresh out of college or from another profession. Rhonda Mims has the experience and expertise to help young professionals clarify their short and long-term goals, overcome personal challenges, and work toward their dream professional life.


Rhonda Mims is the quintessence of professionalism. Soft spoken, yet intensely intellectual her commitment to doing the right thing is her best quality. To be in her presence is time well spent.

Samuel D. Bryant

BlackLight Strategic Partners

I’ve worked closely with Rhonda several times over the years, most recently in her capacity as President and CEO of ING Foundation. Rhonda is intelligent, focused and determined with a passion and drive that motivates everyone around her. She has an exceptional ability to understand intricate details of complicated issues while still seeing the big picture and an uncanny knack of quickly sizing up a situation and developing a well thought out solution that balances the interests of all concerned stakeholders. Rhonda’s biggest asset is, perhaps, the ease with which she connects with people at all levels which makes her a very effective leader.

Timothy Brown

Venerable Holdings

Get Started

Whether you’ve been running a successful business for decades, leading an entire team for a few years, or just started working at your new corporate job, Rhonda Mims has valuable advice to offer. Through decades of experience as a C-suite executive, she’s developed a deep understanding of the inner-workings of businesses no matter the size or industry. Rhonda draws upon this expertise to help her clients reach higher levels of success. She also offers advice and programming for corporate social responsibility initiatives. You can find her resources here.