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Rhonda Mims has over 30 years of corporate experience as a business leader and C-suite executive. Now her mission is to help young professionals and higher-ups alike gain greater levels of achievement. Here you can find all of her resources for success in corporate.

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Ferguson rises will debut on PBS  on November 8. Rhonda Mims is co-producer on this eye-opening film from Independent Lens. 


The Mims Lab Podcast

Rhonda Mims hosts an informative and intriguing podcast featuring conversations with people of color and their experiences in corporate America.

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Learn more about Rhonda and listen to her discuss career and recent, award-winning documentary, Ferguson Rises.


A Fresh Start: Time for Something New

Follow me as I embark on this new chapter. I promise you, I will introduce you to something different. I will share “Mimisms” and strategies for success. Hear more about intersectionality through my new blog and podcast.

I look forward to seeing you here bi-weekly. It’s time for something new.

It’s time for something new! Read the first post on this website detailing the next steps of my career.

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Reflections on Authenticity from a Former DEI Leader

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“If you happen to be a C-suite individual, by all means, ask the question: is there a process to diversify the board? And then also feel free to introduce candidates that you may know in your network to the relevant parties so that they can get into the queue of being considered.”


For Women

For Women


Rhonda Mims

Rhonda was the Chief Public Affairs Officer and Executive Vice President of WellCare Health Plans Inc. where she created and implemented marketing, public policy, government affairs, inclusion initiatives, and social determinants of diversity and health. 

Rhonda also served as the Thirty Percent Coalition’s Chairman and sat on the Greater Southeast Affiliate of the American Heart Association’s Board of Directors. She’s the former Executive Leadership Council Chairman and a current member of the National Association of Corporate Directors. She was named one of the Top 100 Blacks in Corporate America and CSR Executive of the Year.


Rhonda Mims is the quintessence of professionalism. Soft spoken, yet intensely intellectual her commitment to doing the right thing is her best quality. To be in her presence is time well spent.

Samuel D. Bryant

BlackLight Strategic Partners

I’ve worked closely with Rhonda several times over the years, most recently in her capacity as President and CEO of ING Foundation. Rhonda is intelligent, focused and determined with a passion and drive that motivates everyone around her. She has an exceptional ability to understand intricate details of complicated issues while still seeing the big picture and an uncanny knack of quickly sizing up a situation and developing a well thought out solution that balances the interests of all concerned stakeholders. Rhonda’s biggest asset is, perhaps, the ease with which she connects with people at all levels which makes her a very effective leader.

Timothy Brown

Venerable Holdings

Work with Rhonda

In an effort to give back, Rhonda now offers resources to executives and young professionals to help them overcome challenges, set goals, and continue developing for growth and success. Rhonda also offers a host of executive leadership services. She’s passionate about helping professionals and organizations create more inclusive and welcoming work environments that promote allyship and collaboration.