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If you’re on the lookout for corporate programming or consulting from a seasoned C-suite executive professional, Rhonda Mims is the answer. As a Black female executive, overcoming obstacles, clarifying goals, and achieving ongoing success, Rhonda is well-poised to address any industry to push past stagnation into new growth opportunities. Each offering is uniquely designed to give executives the motivation and information needed to help propel them forward. No matter what you’re facing, Rhonda can help you or your company reach new heights of professional success. 


Rhonda Mims is the quintessence of professionalism. Soft spoken, yet intensely intellectual her commitment to doing the right thing is her best quality. To be in her presence is time well spent.

Samuel D. Bryant

BlackLight Strategic Partners

I’ve worked closely with Rhonda several times over the years, most recently in her capacity as President and CEO of ING Foundation. Rhonda is intelligent, focused and determined with a passion and drive that motivates everyone around her. She has an exceptional ability to understand intricate details of complicated issues while still seeing the big picture and an uncanny knack of quickly sizing up a situation and developing a well thought out solution that balances the interests of all concerned stakeholders. Rhonda’s biggest asset is, perhaps, the ease with which she connects with people at all levels which makes her a very effective leader.

Timothy Brown

Venerable Holdings