Black Women I See You!

Two years ago, I wrote a blog in honor of Black History Month. The piece focused on my upbringing, the contributions of my family, and commitment to community. This year as I reflect on Black Americans contributions to our society, I’m reminded that we have contributed much but acknowledged for little. Black Women in particular are given little credit for helping to rear a nation of leaders or for our contributions in corporate America. There’s still an uphill climb towards equity. For this reason, I’ve created a Scholarship Fund at my Alma mater, the University of South Carolina. The goal is to give others the educational opportunity afforded me.

In addition, this year following the lead of award winning actress Niecy Nash, I’ve decided to let go of old ways and traditions. In honor of Black History Month, I’m celebrating my own personal accomplishments along with a few other black women. Women like:

Lisa Cook, Economist and member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors,

Shannon Nash, CFO, Wing (an Alphabet Company)

Dr. Helene Gayle, President Spelman College

Sandra Douglass Morgan, First Black Female NFL Team President

Dawn Staley, National NCAA Championship winning Women’s Basketball Coach, University of South Carolina

Isabel Wilkerson, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and journalist

Lisa Hamilton, CEO of Annie E. Casey Foundation

Leilani Brown, Author, Speaker and Former CMO

State Senator Mia McLeod, 2023 JFK Profiles in Courage Winner along with her fellow sister senators

Just to name a few. Those not listed I see the work you are doing. We SEE you!

I invite others who celebrate black history month to join me in self acknowledgement and admiration because if we don’t who will.

Happy Black History Month!

Signed Rhonda Mims, Proud Black woman, lawyer, strategic advisor, film producer, board member, philanthropist, badass and Mother.

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